Sheree Harris

Sheree graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education) from RMIT and spent 5 years working as a Secondary School Physical Education and Science teacher. Wanting to continue to promote healthy and physically active lifestyles, she returned to further study, completing a Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne.

Sheree has spent multiple years working as a Sports Trainer for the NAB AFL-W training camps, South Melbourne Districts Football Club and the Boating for Brains charity fundraising team involved in breaking the 2020 Guinness World Record for the longest recorded dragon boat journey.

Sheree utilises an exercise based strength and conditioning approach to treat and manage a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions. She has particular interest in snow sports, cycling, and lower limb injuries.

Sheree’s passion for activity has seen her participate in a wide range of sports throughout her lifetime, including Women’s NPL soccer and Big V basketball. Outside the clinic Sheree enjoys playing basketball, cycling and travelling to foreign snow fields chasing the POW!

Q: “What years and subjects did you teach?”
A: “Years 7-12. PE, Science and anything else the kids needed help with.”


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education)
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy