Golf Screening & Fitness Assessment

Golf Screening & Fitness Assessments in Williamstown, Vic

Why is having an accurate assessment the most important step to fixing your golf game? Golf biomechanics, like human gait and motor control, can be surprisingly complex.

Get your body in balance, reduce your risk of injury, and see an improvement in your playing endurance, hitting distance and accuracy.

Our Golf Screen & Fitness Assessment is specifically constructed to have the entire golfer in mind.

This is for the golfer who:

  • Feels their back and hip mobility effects their swing
  • Has to miss a round out due to niggles and injuries
  • Suffers from golfer’s elbow, hip or knee osteoarthritis & low back pain
  • Is looking for better drive distances and overall performance
One of the measures in the golf assessment looking at peak force, using our force plates.

We utilise a mixture of top of the range technology, clinical skills and golfing experience. We also use a range of assessment tools to unveil opportunities for better movement, greater performance and a more enjoyable game!

Areas of assessment will include stability and mobility of key joints related to the golf swing, muscle strength and power of the trunk and lower body, and functional movement.

  • Medical History
  • Goal Setting
  • Assessment of Mobility, Muscular Endurance & Strength, Functional Assessment, Strength and Cardiovascular Assessment
  • Run Through Tailored Exercise Program
  • Delivery of Management Plan

Cost: $190 (Valued at $250)

By the end of the 3rd appointment, you will have a clear understanding of what areas to work on, along with a specific individualised exercise program.

We are registered NDIS providers and help NDIS participants achieve amazing outcomes for a range of conditions.

Let us help you feel better again!

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