Running Assessment

Running is one of the most popular forms of physical activity there is. It provides countless health benefits, but with it, comes the risk of injury due to its repetitive nature. Running is complex; it’s dynamic, it’s multi-planar, it’s individual and it’s a whole body movement.

Our physiotherapists perform running assessments using video analysis to observe key factors such as cadence, foot strike patterns and joint angles. From this, problem areas can be identified. The running assessment also involves strength and mobility testing specific to the individual. Your physiotherapist will then create a tailored treatment plan to address specific mobility, strength and endurance deficits.

“Performing running assessment using video analysis and developing a tailored running and strengthening program.”

A running assessment can: identify potential areas of weakness/overload contributing to injury, can help to resolve or prevent injury, improve running efficiencies and allow you to run faster, longer and stronger.

A running assessment is an invaluable tool for rehabilitation from an injury but can also be utilised in effective prevention or to improve performance.

Running assessments are able to be claimed on private health insurance.


  • Someone training for a running event and looking to:
    • Improve their running efficiency
    • Prevent injuries
    • Overcome injuries
    • Get faster and stronger
  • Recreational runners and walkers
  • Appropriate for running injuries:
    • Patellofemoral pain
    • Tendinopathies (Achilles, tibialis posterior)
    • Plantar fasciopathy


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