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Williamstown Pilates Classes


  • At Paramount Physiotherapy, our ethos is to be the paramount in physiotherapy & allied health treatment by working alongside you to lead you in achieving your goals in health and fitness

  • As our Clinical Pilates initial assessments and all of our classes are run by physiotherapists you know you’re going to get the best out of each exercises by performing movements with optimal technique

  • A collaborative approach is used by working with you to set goals, whether it be returning to sport, a recreational activity or improving general physical function and wellbeing


What’s involved in an initial assessment?

  • Our 1 hour initial assessment gives us the necessary time to truly understand your current status, past injuries and explore your goals

  • In the initial assessment our physiotherapists will assess how your body performs specific movements; both on the mat and the reformers


Do you offer classes?

  • We sure do. Classes are a maximum of four people. This ensures you are executing each movement correctly and can be corrected when needed.

  • There are two types of classes; tailored which caters for individual rehabilitation or fitness goals. The other class is a general fitness and strength Clinical Pilates class. 


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