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Our Vision

At Paramount Physiotherapy we understand pain can be inhibiting and you want to feel better again. In order to do that, you need a clear plan guided by expert health professionals. The problem is that you’re in pain due to your injury which makes you feel frustrated because it’s happened before and you don’t want it to happen again. 

We know to prevent recurrences of your injury, you need a health professional who is going to educate and guide you throughout your rehab journey]. We understand what it’s like to be injured and being unable to achieve your goals. Our expert health professionals are always developing their skills and knowledge to optimally treat a wide range of injuries and conditions, which is why we are trusted by the community.

Here’s how we do it: 

1. Complete a thorough Initial Assessment ensuring you have the best plan going forward

2. Receive individualised education, treatment and support for your injury/condition

3. Get the tools you need to keep injury-free and get back to being a better you

So, book your initial assessment now, so you can stop worrying whether you’re receiving the right treatment and instead, be confident in the plan to become a better you.