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Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates Journey

Clinical Physio (formerly Clinical Pilates) has been used for decades for injury rehabilitation and general fitness.

At Paramount Physiotherapy, Clinical Physio sessions are conducted by Pilates-trained Physiotherapists.

This means:

  • A comprehensive physiotherapy assessment is completed before providing your program
  • Your injuries and/or conditions are taken into consideration before prescribing exercises
  • Your classes are monitored by university-trained health professionals
  • You can use Private Health Insurance to claim your classes
  • If necessary, our team will liaise with other members in your healthcare team


Individual & Group Classes

Clinical Physio (Clinical Pilates) sessions are offered in:

  • Individual (1-on-1)
  • Group classes (1-on-4)

For someone who would prefer more focus and attention on their movements, and may be in the early stage of their rehab, individual sessions are usually the best option.

For someone who may be in their mid to late stage rehab, or may already have experience with Pilates, semi-private group classes is a better option.

Clinical Physio classes will include a combination of mat, reformer, trapeze and general exercise.


Clinical Pilates vs Reformer Pilates

Clinical Pilates is usually for the person who is returning from injury, pre- & post-natal, or someone who wants to exercise in a controlled environment under the supervision of a Physiotherapist.

The programs are tailored and written by a Physiotherapist specific to your current injury, conditions and/or concerns.

Reformer Pilates is a general Pilates class where everyone works through the same movements, targeting the whole body through exercise progressions. 

As our Reformer Pilates have a maximum number of 6 people per class, it allows our Pilates instructors to focus on your movement and technique, and allows them to correct form where necessary.

If you feel you are more suited to Reformer Pilates, head over to our Reformer Pilates page to find out more.


This Service Is Best For

Three women in a Pilates studio exercising on Pilates reformers.

The Mum

Clinical Pilates is used for pre- and post natal exercise to strengthen the abdominals and pelvic floor, resulting in a better recovery.

Physiotherapist assessing a mans knee while he is lying on his back.

The Injured

Clinical Pilates offers a controlled environment to perform your rehab exercises for any injury. All injuries can be targeted using Pilates.

Man in a gym rubbing his hands with chalk getting ready to lift a barbell with weights from the floor.

The Novice Exerciser

A gym can be quite intimidating for someone starting out. Clinical Pilates offers an opportunity to learn how to exercise before taking the leap.