Clinical Physio (Formerly Clinical Pilates)

At Paramount, all of our Clinical Physio sessions (formerly Clinical Pilates) are run by physiotherapists. Clinical Physio focuses on strength, stability, mobility, muscle control, posture and balance. There will be a mixture of traditional Clinical Pilates based exercises and general exercises completed on the mat, reformer and trapeze table.

Initial assessments for Clinical Physio are conducted prior to joining our group classes or prior to commencing one on one Clinical Physio. Your physiotherapist will take your medical and injury history, explore your goals and assess how your body performs specific movements. In this session deficits and areas needing improvement will be identified and an individualised, tailored program will be prescribed.


“…focuses on strength, stability, mobility, muscle control, posture and balance.”

Clinical Physio sessions offered are one on one or semi-private group classes (1:4). There are two types of group classes structured for individual rehabilitation or general fitness and strength. Clinical Physio classes will include a combination of mat, reformer and trapeze Clinical Pilates and general exercise.


Clinical Physio sessions are able to be claimed on private health insurance as these classes are run by Physiotherapists.



  • Someone who wants to improve strength and motor control
  • Someone looking to compliment their current training program
  • Someone looking for 1:1 or group Clinical Physio sessions run by a physiotherapist
  • Someone with the following conditions:
    • Pre- and Post-natal
    • Post-injury rehabilitation
    • Any athlete (runners, cyclists, footballers, netballers, etc)


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