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Cervicogenic Headaches: Neck Pain

  Cervicogenic Headaches: A Pain In The Neck!   Headaches and neck pain are quite common amongst the general population. The World Health Organisation reports that last year, almost 50% ALL ADULTS suffered a headache once or on multiple occasions.     It is quite literally a pain in the neck!     There are […]

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Persistent Shoulder Pain

Persistent Shoulder Pain: Avoid The Cycle     Have you had shoulder pain for a while?     You don’t remember any clear injury, but the shoulder pain just won’t go away!     At first your shoulder pain was sometimes and tolerable, now your shoulder pain is relentless and impacting your life! Sound familiar? […]

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Do Runners Still Need to Go to the Gym?

    Is Exercise Really That Important! WHY SHOULD A RUNNER GET STRONGER?   Some people think that running can only be improved by running. But, research shows that the strength training that runners engage in at the gym has a significant effect on their performance and endurance.   It’s hard as a runner to take […]

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Simple Guide to Low Back Pain

  Introduction Low back pain or lumbar pain, is very common, with it affecting two-thirds of adults in their lifetime. So you are not alone!   I understand that there is a lot of info coming at you about what you should and should not do for low back pain. This article will provide information […]

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3 Truths Behind Hamstring Strains

Introduction WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?   1. Current evidence related to the mechanism behind a hamstring strain, the importance of particular exercises that can decrease the risk of hamstring strains   2. Exercise programming for the individual returning from hamstring injury.   3. How a hamstring rehab program can be a great hamstring strain prevention […]